Shijingshan Shimao Concept Planning (2)

Shimao Center, Shijingshan

The build of Shimao Centre will make Shijingshan a big step forward to the construction of CRD and will creat a core business areas with fashion and vitality in west of Beijing. This project is a “city complexes” with residencial, office, hotel, catering and entertainment etc. All those types of business are connected together and would improve each other.
The individual offices that facing the road will bring in world’s top 500 enterprises; Setting the large shopping malls beside Changan street will drive and promote the business development of this area. Usually the saptial distribution of business street is more about to satisfy people’s experiential demand. There will be more and more people lingering here because the design of the leisure space inside the commercial street.

Location: Shijing Mountain, Beijing
Area: 142900sq.meter
Client: Shimao CO.LTD
Design date:2010