Top 10 getaways and resorts of 2015


Throughout 2015, a number ofgetaways and resorts have been established, occupying avariety of landscapes inunusual locations. the destinations form places ofescapeoften in remote or picturesque settingsoffering a break from an evermore hectic world.although similar in functionthe ten selected schemes are incredibly diverse in form, providing guests with tranquil and calming temporary residencescontinuing our annual review of the year s big storieswe take a look at the getaways and resorts that caught our eye over the past 12 months





Awasipatagonia by felipe assadi arquitectos

Manshausenisland resort by snorre stinessen

Namanspa and resort in Vietnam


image © fernando alda


image © siggen stinessen


image ©  hiroyuki oki


Perchedon the hillside of a private reserve directly overlooking the neighboring lake and mountain range,  felipe assadi was charged with constructing  'awasi patagonia'  in chile.    the getaway features twelve lodges which have been carefully organized  and  distributed on the grounds of the site to ensure privacy for the guests,  and at the same time, frame sweeping views

Situated in the steigen archipelago off the coast of northern norway, this adventure resort on manshausen island has been designed by architect snorre stinessen. completed for polar explorer børge ousland, the scheme responds to both theisland’s topography, and the site’s two most prominent structures -  an 18th century farmhouse and the existing stone quays

VIP villas and twenty villas . master  planned  by  vo  trong nghia architects,theoverall concept of the scheme was to use nature and the environment to providea relaxing and healing space for guests - both physically and mentally. this has resulted an array of facilities, including a spa yoga、beach、bar and restaurants,all of which display a consistent,harmonious mix of bamboo



Skylodge adventure suites in peru


Vivoodlandscape hotel in spain



Sobreiras – alentejo country hotel by future architecture thinking



image © natura vive


image © vivood landscape hotels


image © joão morgado

Hangingfrom a sheer cliff face in peru’s sacred valley of cuzco,three  transparent capsules have been installed,providing accommodation for particularly intrepid reach the sleeping pods,lodgers must first climb 400 feet (122meters),or hike an challenging trail using ziplines before enjoying the impressive views of the mystical valley.

Nestled in south eastern spain’s guadalest valley,asustainable luxury resort has opened its doors to guests. the inaugural vivood landscape hotel comprises 25 independent suites,which are lightly and unobtrusively perched above the rugged,undulating terrain。the retreat alsoincludes a fine dining restaurant and lounge bar,a panoramic swimming pool

Surrounded by cork and olive trees,miguel correia of future architecture thinking / FAT was charged with designing the sobreiras - alentejo country hotel.located an hour from the portuguese city of lisbon,the destination sits on a hilltop comprising eight volumes which use a suspended structure to enable them togently rest above the rough terrain



Thecocoon tree can be hung in any location


Wandavista xishuangbanna resort by OAD



Lima duva resort in thailand by IDIN architects



image © cocoon tree


image © chen he


image © spaceshift studio

Weighing only 60 kilos,the cocoon tree is a spherical and versatile den based on a reinterpreted tree house。 fitted with a mattress,the robust form has been crafted with aluminum and is wrapped in a water proofed canvas,where six cords are used to sustain suspension,  and another six employed for lateral stability.customizable to the user’s needs,mosquito screens,fans or even heating devices can be fitted

Chinese studio OAD office of architecture and design celebrated the recent inaugura tion of the wanda vista xishuang banna resort.located on a lush mountain side in the chinese province of yunnan, the luxury complex includes 151 villas,a con ference center,spa,pagodas and accom panying amenities.the architecture relies heavily on the traditional chinese forms that historically shaped the landscape

Located on the popular island destination of koh samed in thailand,IDIN architects have designed a romantic and family getaway in the form of lima duva resort。the design process involved creating a retreat for the many couples visiting the island,as well as the needs of larger families。the different buildings on the site making up the various facilities and private rooms have been given their own identity.